Before you can see the Menu, you need to sign in to the TranslationInn Service.

Once you are logged in you can find the Account Circle (Avatar) on the right side of the top app bar (see figure below).


When you click the Account Circle, the Menu will popup (see figure below). This menu view is for the users having Employee Role


If you have Enterprise Admin Role you will see the menu as shown below

Enterprise Menu Item

Menu Items

The usages of the various Menu Items are explained below

Enterprise Menu Item

When you click the Enterprise menu item, it opens the Enterprise Page which shows names of your co-workers added to your enterprise (see figure below).

Enterprise Menu Item

To add a co-worker as a user click + ADD CO-WORKER button. It opens an Add Co-Worker Dialog Box (see figure below). Enter email address and click ADD USER button on the right bottom corner of the dialog box. An email will be sent to your co-worker having that email address. The email contains a link. When that coworker clicks that link it opens a signup page (see figure below)

Co-Worker Sign Up

In the Sign Up form the email address of your co-worker and your enterprise name fields will be pre-filled and uneditable. Fill name, password, and confirm password fields and click SIGN UP button to complete the signup. If the signup is successful your co-worker will get a confirmation email. Then he/she will be able to sign into your enterprise account of TranslationInn Service and start using the service. Also, his/her name will be added into the list of co-workers on the Enterprise Page.

Projects Menu Item

When you click the Projects menu item the project dashboard opens (see figure below). Here you can create a new project or click on an existing project card to open its project page.

Project Menu Item

Billing Menu Item

When you click the Billing menu item, it opens the billing page which shows invoice for the current month (see figure below). You can change the year and month to see the invoice of a specific month.

Billing Menu Item

FAQ Menu Item

When you click the FAQ menu item, it opens the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Help Menu Item

When you click the Help menu item, it opens the Welcome page of this documentation.

Contact Menu Item

When you click the Contact menu item, it opens the contact us page (see figure below).

Enterprise Menu Item
If you want to contact us fill the various fields of the contact form and click the SEND MESSAGE button. Note that the message field is expandable; it will automatically expand toward the bottom side when the keyboard enter button is pressed.

Logout Menu Item

When you click the Logout menu item, it logs you out of the TranslationInn service.


If you have any questions about project creation you can reach out to our support team using the online contact form: Click here to Contact us

Last updated: December 02, 2022.

Please note that we are continuously updating the TranslationInn service features, hence, there can be some differences between the content provided here and the actual service features. We do our best to align the both as soon as possible but, it is not guaranteed. Contact us, if you have any concerns.

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